Her goal was for her own safety, of her family, and other loved ones when she came home

After the wipe, she indeed couldn’t remember me. She asked me to verify who I was based upon knowing her home address and tag info. I confirmed all this info with her, and she spoke with me as often as she could as she was tying down loose ends.

The loose ends she was tying down was collecting information and items from safety deposit boxes around the world that she had stored for her retirement. Her ex-boyfriend Steve was also pressing himself on her, and she was not welcoming to that happening. Steve in this experience was saying that they would either live together or die together. So she had to lead him into a trap, take him out– and then take out anyone who was in place to take her out (meaning kill her) in the event he was to have fallen. She explained that everyone in her line of business has people looking out for them, and that if someone falls there are others who would avenge their death.

So her tying down loose ends continued all through . Final targets turned into more final targets as she detected more risks, and more people who would come after her because of the people who she had to deal with. She wanted to enjoy the rest of her life with minimal risk of being shot while on vacation with her family, or other things like this.

When I told her how much I missed her, she suggested that we take a break until she was able elite dating sites to meet me.

When she suggested a break. I was confused. I reflected on all that we had experienced and endured together. At first I agreed to a break, but the next day said– wait, I want to be with you through this. After a week of not hearing from her, I sent her a message of break-up. She was looking forward to meet.

We had planned to meet 1-2 weeks after she returned home from tying down these lose ends

I quickly told her that I would still very much like that, and seeing that she actually did want to meet, I confirmed that I wanted to, and tried to help her know my message of break-up was because of the flood of emotions caused by her calling for a break.

The following day, she said she was on her way home and that it was too bad I had stopped the relationship at that point

I spoke with her on the phone after she came home. I sent her cookies to her address as a welcome home gift. I wanted to meet soon, so I kept positive the idea that we would soon meet. She told me that now that she’s home she was dealing with post traumatic stress. She didn’t want me to see her that way. She was jumpy, on guard, and wasn’t feeling like herself.

She was getting therapy setup by Chief Biran Wingham. The therapy was helping her cope with the PTSD, which they felt important because she had taken on another 6 month contract which was to begin within a month from that point. The plan was for her and I to have met before that contract, and have me go to Europe with her.

From what she said, the doctors wanted me to focus on the contract, so they built in blockers in her memory to cause her emotional pain when she spoke with me. They helped her overcome the PTSD with another wipe also– which cleared me out.