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01) Keep It Real & Use A Good Photo While Completing Your Profile

At Parallel Hearts 1’s Singles & Couples Free Dating Chat App & Site, you have to fill out your name. Remember to Keep It Real and not to create your profile in a fake name or choose an alias. Keep in mind that you might want to get your profile verified at some point, which underlines the importance of being honest.

As for your avatar, use a recent professional picture with good quality, so potential soulmates don’t dismiss you by default. Don’t include minors or other people in your profile picture in order to avoid misleading information and signals. Just focus on displaying your actual appearance and make sure your personality comes across.

Fill out the “About Me” section with an exciting profile text and keep it long enough without it being too short or too long. It’s a good idea to draw inspiration from other profiles on Parallel Hearts 1. Without being a copycat. Write from your heart and soul, because it will better connect thus touch the reader.

02) Use Happy Photos & Videos Albums Like On Any 100% Free Dating Sites

It is always fun and exciting to browse pictures & videos in albums, because albums and image as well as video galleries show you in several situations. They give a fuller picture of you as a person, so take advantage of this.

Try to weave humor in and display joy, when writing your profile text. Good vibes and energy tend to spread and engage your surroundings in a positive way.

Superficiality won’t get you anywhere in general. It will only get you rejected. Henceforth, Keep It Personal, Cool & Not Cruel even when there is no chemistry on a date.

03) Stay Outgoing, Patient, Cool & Not Cruel On Our 100% Free Dating Site

The worst thing you can do after completing your profile is to sit back and expect immediate contact, right? No! You have to take action by making contact and don’t simply write “Hello” in the message, because your goal is to start a conversation.

It’s vital you uphold a good tone. Don’t Be Cruel, Be Cool. Simply behave properly or get banned from Parallel Hearts 1 online dating service.

Connecting with a soulmate is more the exception than the rule. Therefore expect to parallel date with a bunch of potential soulmates lumen app first, before finding the right one for you.

04) Express What You Want & Need & Don’t Let a Rejection Knock You Down

If you are rejected – even after being on a date – do not lose your spirit. Just move lightly over to the next in line. Your success rate is high, because there have never been more singles and couples using online dating than before. Henceforth, a rejection is to be taken lightly.

When writing your text for your Parallel Hearts 1 profile, write what your “Wants & Needs” Are. It gives potential soulmates the perfect opportunity to get an idea on what you have to offer and what they can give in return. Mostly because it’s the first impression they get of your personality.

Also, keep in mind that if you have too many “Wants & Needs”, it will alienate you, since nobody’s without faults.

05) Before The First Date, Initiate Chat On Our 100% Free Dating App & Site

The best Tip & Advice is to communicate before dating in order to find out if there is a spark of chemistry. Get personal and see if you are compatible. If so, then arrange a first date. Keep it formal and lower your expectations. It’s a first date, so a cup of coffee will suffice.